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  • Technology Hits

    Technology Hits

    Technology Hits publication on Medium. https://medium.com/technology-hits

  • Julio Vincent Gambuto

    Julio Vincent Gambuto

    Weekly Contributor // Writer/Director/NYC/Guncle/Author of “Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting”/Book debut from Avid Reader Press 2023 // www.juliovincent.com

  • Blaine Coleman

    Blaine Coleman

    Rel. Studies, Creative Writing… Social liberal/fiscal conservative, occasional writer- politics, civics, fiction & poetry, follow the Tao…

  • Michael Lin

    Michael Lin

    web3. startups. career advice • ex-netflix tech lead • www.michaellin.io

  • Suzanne Rochette

    Suzanne Rochette

    French writer living in Scandinavia, author in several blogs and creator of www.basket31.tv

  • Jessey Anthony

    Jessey Anthony

    Motivational speaker, fitness enthusiast, and self-improvement nerd. Click here to connect: bit.ly/36Wxk4s

  • Maddisson C. Zabitsky

    Maddisson C. Zabitsky

    Political Science undergrad with a passion for international relations. Join me as I experiment with political journalism and writing. Hong Kong has my heart.

  • Dwayne Adderley, MBA,LPQ Dwayneadderley.com

    Dwayne Adderley, MBA,LPQ Dwayneadderley.com

    Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Writer. Subject matter expert in Business Operations, Aviation and Loss Prevention.

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