Smooth Transition To Canter This Week

Building a lifelong dream

Paul Myers MBA
3 min readAug 17, 2022
CDS Equine Gallop Construction
CDS Equine Gallop Construction by Author

Danny Forest asked us if we “Have Insane Goals?”

Are You Obsessed enough” to have insane goals?

According to Oscar Levant, there’s “a fine line between genius and insanity”, so the question we should be asking ourselves is this:

Am I obsessively-driven to push the boundaries where “genius” meets “insanity”?

Passion is an unquenchable thirst, a key ingredient for creation, the nutrient that manifests dreams.

Picking Up The Pace

Week three and four brought a change of pace as both the FSB groundworks team and delivery of materials scaled amass to “make hay (Sand Arena, Gallop and Lunge Ring) while the sun” was shining.

The “secret is Action.” — George Ziogas

As you can see below, the refurbishment works at CDS Equine certainly stepped up a gear of late.

CDS Equine Drainage Stone being delivered
CDS Equine Drainage Stone by Author

Audience In (P)Awe Of Equine Workers

Frazer, Sean, Leon and Derek from the FSB Groundworks crew have amassed a number of Groundwork-groupies of late, namely Daphne, Bert, Bobo and Missy.

These four ladies are barking mad for the Browne Boyband-its!

The FSB-Fab-Four know how to make Bark-fodder Music — Their drumming “track” and “bucket” compliment the harmonious dump-truck bass as they roll “Stones” in a melodic fashion.

The crew will be “Wood-stocking” soon before launching their latest album “Fence Me In”.

Four ladies pawing for the fab-four at CDS Equine
Four ladies pawing for the fab-fours’ attention

What — A Horse Derby Too?

Take note Wayne Rooney — Frazer from FSB Groundworks knows how to build a class Derby.



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